About Traveler Club for Travel & Tours Company

Traveler Club is a Saudi travel and tourism company that holds a license from the Ministry of Tourism and membership in the International IATA Organization. The Traveler Club Company was established in 2012 by ambitious Saudi hands who have a desire to participate in targeted tourism development. In an effort by the Traveler Club to achieve this desire, it has shouldered the burden of providing all travel services. Tourism for all sectors and individuals is motivated by passion and ambition and supported by the expertise and capabilities possessed by the work team. The Traveler Club has developed over the past years in line with the glorious vision of the Kingdom and with the tremendous technological development in the past years to launch electronic reservations platforms to reach broad customer bases with the same recognized quality values and will remain. Al-Musafer Club has always carried the banner of development and leadership in this field due to its technical expertise and administrative capabilities

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